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The Washburn Expedition

Madison-based writer and cartoonist Jay Rath uses historic photos he finds online to create The Washburn Expedition, a serial novel he’s presented on Facebook since 2009. This spring, we invited Jay to delve into Recollection […] 

Portraits of Wisconsin workers

The thirteen photographs in this slideshow depict farm laborers, factory employees, and other Wisconsin workers from the 1890s to the 1970s. Looking at these images, we wonder: what was on the minds of these now-anonymous […] 

Stories from city directories

This slideshow highlights a selection of advertisements from Wisconsin city directories published between 1857 and 1930. City directories are commercially-published compilations of the names, addresses and professions of people in a particular town or city. The earliest formal […] 

Bandolier bags

The beaded bandolier bag is a distinctive form created by American Indians in the Great Lakes and Plains regions beginning in the mid-19th century. These large, vividly colored and intricately beaded bags were a central […] 

Milwaukee’s struggle for civil rights

This feature is curated by Mark Speltz, senior historian for American Girl. Mark began exploring the photographic record of the civil rights movement in Milwaukee as a graduate student in public history at the University of […] 

Deer hunting

Our guest curator for this post is Beth A. Zinsli, a member of a large deer hunting clan from central Wisconsin. She was raised on venison, Colby cheese, and other typical Wisconsin fare. She is also […]