Governing Board


  • Matthew Blessing, State Archivist and Administrator of the Division of Library-Archives, Wisconsin Historical Society
  • John DeBacher, Director, Public Library Development, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction
  • Ann Hanlon, Head, Digital Collections and Initiatives
    University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • Lee Konrad, (2017-2018 chair), Associate University Librarian for Technology Strategies and Data Services and Director, Digital Library Services, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Scott Mandernack, Associate Dean for Scholarly Resources and Collections, Marquette University
  • Catherine Markwiese, Metadata Librarian, Milwaukee Public Library
  • Stef Morrill, Director, WiLS

Statement of Purpose (Phase I)
Meeting minutes, November 3, 2017
Meeting minutes, August 11, 2017
Meeting minutes, May 5, 2017
Meeting minutes, February 3, 2017
Meeting minutes, November 4, 2016
Meeting minutes, July 22, 2016
Meeting minutes, May 6, 2016
Meeting minutes, January 22, 2016
Meeting minutes, October 16, 2015
Meeting minutes, July 2, 2015
Meeting minutes, April 2, 2015

Steering Committee


  • Inese Christman, Assistant Director, Wisconsin Valley Library Service
  • Amy Cooper Cary, Head, Special Collections and University Archives, Marquette University
  • Briana Fiandt, Curator of Collections, Richard Bong Veterans Historical Center
  • Michelle Gobert, Director, Crandon Public Library
  • Peter Gorman, Assistant Director for Digital Library and Preservation Strategy, UW-Madison
  • Paul Hedges, Emerging Technologies Archivist, Wisconsin Historical Society
  • Josh Hickman, Digital Resources Librarian, Beloit College
  • Nathan Humpal, Catalog and Metadata Librarian, UW-Milwaukee
  • Bethany Huse, Librarian, College of Menominee Nation
  • Gail Murray (2017-2018 chair), WISCAT Technical Coordinator, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction

Steering Committee Statement of Purpose

Metadata Work Group


  • Kendra Bouda, Metadata and Information Specialist, Internet Scout
  • Andrea Coffin, Community Liaison/Service Specialist, WiLS
  • Jonathan Cooper, Metadata Librarian, Wisconsin Historical Society
  • Nathan Humpal, Catalog and Metadata Librarian, UW-Milwaukee
  • Documents:
    Statement of Purpose (Phase I)

    In addition to the board, committee and work group members listed above, many thanks go to the following individuals for their work to plan, implement or plant the seeds of Wisconsin’s DPLA Service Hub: Natasha Allen, Jody Bembinster, Martha Berninger, Rick Bernstein, Debbie Cardinal, Kevin Cingatura, Maria Cunningham-Benn, Margaret Durow, Michael Edmonds, Rose Fortier, Amy Gauthier, Emily Gore, Gretchen Gueguen, Erika Janik, David Kwasny, Jim Liedeka, Kris McDaniel, Abigail Nye, Cat Phan, Amy Rudersdorf, Dorothea Salo, Hannah Stitzlein, Lynn Whittenberger