Jay “Ding” Darling Collection, Beloit College

This month we added the Jay “Ding” Darling Collection from the Beloit College Archives to our search engine. Jay Norwood Darling, better known as “Ding,” spent most of his career as an editorial cartoonist for the Des Moines Register and Leader. A dedicated conservationist, he also created the Federal Duck Stamp Program and, in 1936, founded the National Wildlife Federation. Born in Norwood, Michigan in 1876, Darling attended Beloit College from 1895-1900, where he served as art director for the Codex, the Beloit College yearbook.

Portrait of J. N. Ding Darling. Beloit College Archives.

Autographed portrait of Darling with his pipe. Beloit College Archives.

The digital collection, which was compiled by library student assistant Liz Levy, presents some of Darling’s earliest drawings–illustrations he created for the 1899 edition of the Beloit College yearbook. The collection also contains a selection of Darling’s letters and other writings as well as a handful of drawings from his later career, all held by the archives at the College.

To explore the Jay “Ding” Darling Collection from Beloit College, visit http://dcms.beloit.edu/cdm/landingpage/collection/ding.

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Ladies Glee Club, Jay Ding Darling, Beloit College Yearbook.

Darling’s illustration for the Ladies Glee Club in the 1899 Beloit College yearbook. Beloit College Archives.



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