Contributor FAQ

Who can participate in Recollection Wisconsin?
All Wisconsin libraries, archives, museums, historical societies, and other cultural heritage institutions are invited to become Recollection Wisconsin Content Partners by building digital collections and sharing digital content.

What types of content can my organization share with Recollection Wisconsin?
We’re looking for your community’s . . .

  • Images. Photos and postcards of historic Wisconsin people and places—farms, schools, neighborhoods, celebrations, family portraits, vacation spots—anything that helps tell Wisconsin’s story.
  • Documents. Scans of original letters, diaries, manuscripts, family histories, and other text materials.
  • Audio files. Sound recordings, including oral history interviews and music, that contribute to our understanding of Wisconsin history and life in the state.
  • Video files. Home movies, events and community broadcasts that illuminate Wisconsin life.

Can I post my personal collection of historical materials?
At this time, Recollection Wisconsin only brings together digital collections contributed by collecting institutions, not private individuals. If you have a personal collection of materials you want to share, we encourage you to connect with your local library or historical society to discuss options for providing access to your content. If you have just a few images you’d like to share, or a personal story you’d like to contribute, head to the Recollection Wisconsin Shared Collection to find out how.

Why should my organization participate?
Every organization has different needs, goals and outcomes in mind when it comes to a digital project. Some common reasons our Content Partners cite for digitizing collections include:

  • Reaching new audiences
  • Improving access to collections
  • Protecting fragile or heavily used materials
  • Contributing to our shared understanding of Wisconsin history

How can my organization participate?
Take a look at the Share a Collection page and Contributor Guidelines to find out more about how the program works and whether it’s a good fit for your organization. Then contact us and we’ll be in touch to discuss next steps.

What resolution should we use to scan our photos? How should we describe our images?
See our Contributor Guidelines for answers to those questions and many other technical questions related to digital projects.

If we share our content through Recollection Wisconsin, who owns the content?
Recollection Wisconsin does not claim ownership of any digital objects linked from the Recollection Wisconsin website. All ownership remains with Content Partners.

Where is our digital content stored?
Contributing partners are responsible for the storage of high-resolution digital master files. Aggregated metadata and thumbnail images are harvested, archived and maintained by the University of Wisconsin-Madison General Library System.

What can users do with our digital content?
Your content may be used for non-profit research or teaching purposes or other Fair Use as defined by Section 107, U.S. copyright law. If users want to copy, adapt, publish (including blogs or other publication for the web) or otherwise distribute your content, it is their responsibility to determine copyright status and obtain permissions for use. See our Terms of Use for more details.

I don’t see my question on this list. How can I find out more information?
For assistance, please contact Recollection Wisconsin Program Manager Emily Pfotenhauer.