Classroom activities and lesson plans

Social Studies and History

Activities for grades K-4

• Analyzing Photographs
• Main Street Then and Now
• Packing a Traveler’s Trunk
• Thought Bubbles

Activities for grades 4-12

• Immigration and Settlement Experiences
Old Maps and New
The Novitiate Takeover

 English Language Arts

Activities for grades K-4

• Share Your Story
• Thought Bubbles
• Visual Writing Prompts

Activities for grades 4-12

• A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words
• Family Stories and Oral Histories
• Gathering Multiple Sources
Predict the Headline
• Presenting Ideas in New Ways
Pull Quotes
Reading Across Genres
• Share Your Story

• Visual Writing Prompts

Find more lesson plans that use primary sources from Wisconsin collections

• Learning Resources, University of Wisconsin Digital Collections
• Wisconsin Historical Society Office of School Services
• Turning Points in Wisconsin History lesson plans, Wisconsin Historical Society
• Wisconsin Biographies, Wisconsin Media Lab
• Digital Resources for Teaching Wisconsin Studies, Wisconsin Educational Communications Board


Recollection Wisconsin is interested in sharing more lesson plans that incorporate materials from our contributing partners’ digital collections. If you have a successful activity that you would like to share, please contact us.