Share your Wisconsin winter stories

Pulling the sled, Don Krohn, Wisconsin RapidsAll of us create Wisconsin through our contributions to this place and in knowing, remembering, and sharing our stories. We’ve teamed up with Wisconsin Life, an audio essay series on Wisconsin Public Radio that celebrates what makes Wisconsin unique, to collect and share your stories, memories and experiences of winters in Wisconsin. We invite you to contribute your story and help build a collaborative document of life in our state.

Here are some ideas to help you get started:

  • What was the best snowman you ever built? Or snow fort?
  • Did you ever get stuck in a snowstorm? At work? At home? In your car?
  • Tell us about the epic snowball fight of your childhood. Who started it? Who won?
  • Did you walk or ride your bike to school in the winter?
  • Tell us about learning to ice skate. Who taught you? Was it a town rink (inside or outside) or in your backyard?
  • Everyone loves a snow day. What was your best snow day ever?
  • What’s the first winter you remember? What makes it so memorable?
  • Do you curl or play hockey or broomball? Was there a rivalry or an epic match?
  • Where’s the best sledding hill? Did you use an actual sled or some other improvised sliding device (a tray or garbage can lid, maybe?)? Was it a family affair?
We saw miles and miles of roads like this around Dodgeville--Year 1929.

This postcard shows 15 feet of plowed snow in Dodgeville in 1929. Iowa County Historical Society.

Need more inspiration for your story? Take a look at our Wisconsin winters board on Pinterest, or try searching our collections for words like snow, ice or winter.