Digital Preservation Advocacy

Earlier this month, Emily Pfotenhauer and Vicki Tobias delivered a WiLSWorldShorts webinar focused on Digital Preservation Advocacy. Webinar slides, recording and a list of supporting resources are all available on the WiLS website.

This hour-long webinar introduced participants to key concepts related in digital preservation work for libraries, archives and cultural heritage institutions. Topics included “why digital preservation?”, conducting an assessment of digital assets and creating a digital preservation policy.

Webinar content will help prepare participants for conversations with their organizations’ key stakeholders such as administrators, IT personnel and content creators. Participants will gain knowledge and confidence to navigate digital preservation discussions and advocate for their organization’s long-term digital asset management and preservation work

Webinar content was drawn from experience coordinating Curating Community Digital Collections, a two-year IMLS grant-funded program to place information graduate school students with small or under-resourced historical societies, museums and libraries to complete a digital preservation project.

For more information about digital preservation advocacy or this webinar, contact or Thanks for watching!